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Here is a selection of links to websites as mentioned by Eamon on Carr's Cocktail Shack.

People to invite to your party
Lola the Vamp

Katrina Hurricane Relief
Catholic Charities
Salvation Army
Humane Society
Red Cross

Museum of the American Cocktail
Cocktail Times
People to invite to your cocktail party - The Devil-Ettes
People to invite to your cocktail party - Miss Templeton

General Links
Ranelagh Arts Festival

Unlocked - "Carr's Cocktail Shack supports the government's National Alcohol Awareness Campaign and its theme "Less Is More."
Dermod Moore
Hot Press

Professor Longhair
Linda Gail Lewis
William Shatner
Chuck E. Weiss
Anita O' Day
Alma Coogan
Shirley Horn

Perez Prado
Ester Phillips
Don Randi

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